Get to know me – List

  1. What is your name? Anna-Karin Hellborg
  2. What are your nicknames? A-K & Anna
  3. When is your birthday? July 3
  4. Where were you born? Trollhättan, Sweden
  5. What is your star sign? Cancer
  6. What is your occupation? Blogger, MUA
  7. What colour is your hair? Kinda peachy atm
  8. What was the last thing you bought? Beside last nights dinner & candy, a wig
  9. How long is your hair? Pretty short again..

    my sis’ accidentally cut a little too much hehe

  10. What colour are your eyes? Blue and green
  11. What’s your best feature? My personality, but lookwise I’d say my eyes maybe
  12. Do you have braces? Kinda, still have a metal thing on the back of my theeth
  13. Do you have any piercings? Just in my ears right now, but I still have a whole in my nostil, and I used to have a ”medusa” for short while too
  14. Do you have any tattoos? Yes, on my legs, arm, foot and a little one on the back
  15. Do you have any pets? Yes, although she stay’s at my parents atm due to a little too stressful in the city for her
  16. Are you left handed or right handed? Right
  17. Mac or PC? Mac 
  18. iOS or Android? iOS
  19. Dogs or cats? Both, but def. dogs if I had to choose 
  20. Who is your bestfriend? My sister, Mikaela and Patrick I’d say 
  21. What was your first award? Probably something to do with judo, everyone got one though, I wasn’t extra good or anythings, haha
  22. What is your favourite sport? Playing: indoor bandy and basket ball. Watching: ice hockey (!!!)
  23. When was your first real holiday? Sometime when I was super little I guess
  24. What was the last concert you went to? I seriously think it was a big time hardcore band with my boyfriend, haha
  25. Whats your favourite movie? Hard to choose just one obvi, I’m a huge movie nerd. But I really really love ”Midnight in Paris” <3
  26. What’s your favourite TV Show? Supernatural, TWD, TVD, Dexter, AHS, Friends and probably a bunch more, hehe
  27. What’s your favourite colour? Choosing only one gives me a slight panicy feeling but let’s say green 
  28. What’s your favourite song? Nah, that one is impossible, but a very good one atm is Adeles (!) new ”Hello”
  29. What’s your favourite restaurant? I would definitely have to say ”Holy Cow” here in Stockholm- they have a great vegan menue but I only always eat their vegan ”tikka masala”. Aet there yesterday, hehe, as soon as we got back from Barcelona, haha
  30. What’s your favourite shop? Wow, I don’t know… maybe like or monki, or well, don’t know honestly
  31. What’s your favourite book? Ok, sounds silly perhaps but the book that has helped me the most is ”The secret”. Totally worth reading over and over again, for your own good!
  32. What’s your favourite magazine? I like mostly photo’s so one of those fashion-indie-photo-magazines, but they’re always so freaking expensive!?
  33. What’s your favourite pair of shoes? Right now my nike’s ”roshe” all black basic, and my ancle boot from
  34. What’s your favourite season? Spring <3 <3 <3
  35. What’s your favourite quote? I like this: People will judge you no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you want!
  36. How are you currently feeling? Good. A bit tired from just waking up from a nap, but good nevertheless
  37. Who was the last person you messaged? Patrick
  38. Are you single or taken? I don’t like to call it ”taken” but I am in a relationship so yeah I guess ^^,
  39. What are you currently eating? Just finished a burrito (vegan obvi), but gonna cook soon again hihi
  40. What are you currently listening to? Ok, no judge- I’m listening to Dr.Phil…
  41. What are you currently thinking about? This list, and tonights look- I’m going to a halloween party!!
  42. What are you currently watching? Dr. Phil, hehe
  43. What are you currently wearing? Just a little softy ”stay in home dress” 
  44. Do you want children one day? Yeah
  45. Do you want to be married one day? Maybe.. I never did until I met Gustavo, but now I don’t really feel like it… Kinda get a suffocating feeling just thinking about it, haha. Also- I’m not religious at all so it really doesn’t make much sense now anyway
  46. Where do you want to live? A little bit outside Barcelona
  47. Do you believe in god? Nope
  48. Do you believe in miracles? I’m not sure what would even classify as a miracle but it sounds a bit ”godly” so I guess not, although I know A BUNCH of crazy illogical things happens all the time and I believe in some kinds of things that I guess you could call mirable, haha ? ^^
  49. Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh yes, I’ve experienced it myself
  50. Do you believe in ghosts? Nah, not really, but sometimes yes, ahah 
  51. Do you believe in Aliens? 100% ofc. Although I don’t believe they are here, but probably a bunch of 1000- of lightyears away
  52. Do you believe in Soul mates? Yeah, but I don’t think there’s just one and/or that it has to be romantic
  53. Do you believe in Heaven or hell? No.. But sometimes I wish I could 😛
  54. Do you believe in kissing on the first date? I believe in doing whatever you like whenever you like if it’s appropriate and ok with everyone involved <3
  55. Do you believe in yourself? Yes
  56. Do you sing in the shower? Mostly yeah
  57. When did you last laugh and what was it at? Probably a good laugh last night, just having fun with my man <3
  58. Where was the last place you traveled? Barcelona (…as always :P)
  59. Would you go skydiving? For sure! It’d be SO HARD for me to do, but I’d love to do it
  60. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Well I can, and I will! And one place I’d been wanting to travel through for a while now is north America <3 Like Canada mostly I’d say <3
  61. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? More of what I’m already doing and get my own home (!!!!) and help my family and then see whatever is left- give some too animalshelter-things and other charities and lastly I’d travel <3
  62. Can you whistle? ofc ?
  63. Can you speak another language? I speak Swedish, English, learing spanish and understand norweigan, danish (somewhat), a bit Icelandic, Dutch and German 🙂
  64. What’s most important in your life? Love. With that I mean- My man, the rest of my family and my friends <3
  65. Have you ever had surgery? Yes, when I was still 18 I got myself a pair of bigger boobs :O