Bikbok + Colin #bikbokspookyball Halloween Horror Ball


Halloween Party

Last night was so great! Mostly everyone there dressed up and if you know me, you know I LOVE dressups, haha. The theme was ”horror ball” and immediately I came to think of a 80’s prom queen who got killed on that very night and now returned for a revenge. Best thing is that this crown I’m wearing just arrived from wonderful and I mean, come on- the timing was perfect!


Oh, and I won the dress-up compitionen since they all thought I had captured the theme the best . How fun!? I got a giftcard of 2000kr to shop at bikbok- yeei <3 Thank you so much Colin and Bikbok for this amazing event!

And babes, I’m editing a tutorial version of this look (not exactly this, but almost) so it’ll be up as soon as it’s finished <3 Don’t forget my youtube, loves! Now since I’m back I’m going to be more active, alright?