No Ordinary Days


Clear and crispy nights


I went back and forth to town for meetings and to hang out with a friend


We went to Nespresso and tried their new flavours. Our favourite was the nuttier, Mexican one.. I ofc don’t remember the name or anything but Simon liked it enough to buy a pack


We took a fika at St. Agnes café that has lots of vegan cakes. I chose a classic: Carrot cake, and Simon took a cheesecake. Both was super-duper yummy and I’ll most definitely return soon.


The meetings/interviews went well and I got myself a new job, that was supposed to start march 14 but I’ll begin next wednesday insted (!!), amazing!

I was supposed to meet up with Kat Von D at 5 but I just couldn’t make it to Stockholm, so that was a bummer. But still- an ok day to say the least <3

[they said keeping busy would make it easier]

Jag var på två intervjuer (fast för samma jobb) och fick det. JÄÄÄ. Känns rätt nice.