Too Faced: Chocolate Bon Bons


Too Faced is definitely one of my favourite brands with lots of gorgeous, cute, heavenly-smelling and great quality products. They’re cruelty free but unfortunately they still use carmine in some of their products. Such as in this palette </3


It’s only in a few of the shades that contains carmine so I just feel like- come on!? How unnecessary!?.. but anyway. I ofc got this sent to me (because I’m ”press”) and since it’s still CF I’m not not gonna use it <3

It’s one of the cutest palettes I have: Pink, chocolate-bar-shaped, heart-shaped eyeshadows and ofc smelling of chocolate and vanilla. Too freaking cute! Oh, and like always with Too Faced: Great quality <3

Have you tried their Chocolate palettes before? Which is your favourite?




too-faced-bonbon-eyeshadow too-faced-eyeshadow-palette-bonbon